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    Artwork by Ken Rush

    Ken’s art is about places that are embedded within him as an emotion and as a thought. It is a place he has never specifically seen, photographed, or sketched, but rather exists in his paintings as they develop within the studio.

    His lifelong attachments to Vermont landscape and to New York City emerge as constants in his work. The gabled house is a place and a form that has special meaning. It is a shape that is both familiar and abstract, and a locale that is mysterious yet familiar. Like the canyons of the city, it has provided me with an artistic rubric, one where I am able to explore and look for different outcomes. The shape of the house, its angled roof and shadowed side, have become an embedded gesture in the physical creation of his work as well as the psychological icon which propels it.

    The Emerson is always open to the public as well as guests, and we invite you to visit our Spa, restaurants and the Country Store.  While you’re here, take time to stoll the halls and view not only the work of Allan Skriloff, but also of the many other artists whose work is on display throughout the Emerson property.  For more information, please contact  877-688-2828.