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    Emerson Resort and Spa

    Emerson Resort & Spa’s Commitment for Now and The Future

    Emerson Resort and SpaEmerson Resort & Spa’s environmental commitment and plan for now and the future has been crafted and funded by our Principal Emily Fisher. Emily has owned a home in the Catskills since 1971. As a staunch supporter of environmental initiatives, Emily‘s primary concern was to design, construct and run a hotel that can serve as a model for future sustainable hotel development. The Emerson Resort & Spa features a Geo Thermal & Solar Energy System that has greatly reduced our carbon foot print.

    Emerson Resort and SpaThe Emerson’s Solar Panels are state of the art made in Germany and employ a unique design. The panels are designed for Cold/Cloudy Climates so they produce even on cloudy days. They achieve that result with two engineering advancements. The first is by coating the absorber plate with a selective coating that absorbs specific infra-red wavelengths. Unlike photoelectric panels that produce electricity from the ultra violet light spectrum, these collectors are strictly looking at the infra-red spectrum. The coating is able to absorb diffused sunlight in cloudy conditions and convert the light to heat. The other unique characteristic of Emerson’s collectors has to do with the way fluid flows through the collector. Emerson collectors are designed to operate with a programmable logic control that optimized the fluid flow rate in low light conditions allowing for more energy to be absorbed. Emerson Resort and SpaThe Solar array that Emerson installed is converting 85% of the sun light to heat and that heat is used to offset fuel consumption. In an average year the array will cut carbon emissions by 20 tons. Another feature of the building conversion that really is outstanding is the integration of the renewable energy system with a computer managed state of the art gas boiler system. The two systems work together via energy management software to minimize fossil fuel consumption. Emerson Resort and SpaThe combined system reduced carbon emissions by 40 tons annually and over 1 thousand tons over the systems life while reducing fossil fuel consumption by 40%. This is not the first Green project that the Emerson has tackled. The main building conversion based on similar technology also reduced carbon emissions by over 60 tons annually. The Inn with its Geo Thermal Energy system has reduced fossil fuel consumption by 3,651 Gallons (LP) and substantially reduced our carbon emissions.

    Emerson Resort and SpaTogether these three projects have demonstrated the Emerson’s commitment to improving the environment and to be completely fossil fuel independent regarding heating and air conditioning within 5 years. Currently 70% of the resort is now being served by alternate energy sources. In August of 2012 the Emerson Resort joined Hospitality Green sustainable practices for business. The most important tool is the sharing of ideas and the implementation of in many cases simple energy saving decisions. On June 13th, 2013 the Emerson Resort appointed a 6 member task force to do an internal environmental audit and bring suggestions back to management for execution. Collectively over the next 5 years we expect great success from this dedicated team. Our team leader and 5 committee members will work with Hospitality Green LLC. To help seek, identify and implement practices where ever possible based on our Hotel’s needs. Periodic success will be identified on this page in the future.

    “I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use the natural resources of our land but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that come after us.” – Theodore Roosevelt

    Transformative Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solutions:

    June 5th, 2013:
    Replacement of a beverage cooler with a new cooler equipped with a new Energy Management System (EMS) resulting in:

    • Up to 35% energy savings
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    How EMS Works:

    • A motion detector learns our store operating hours and consumer traffic patterns
    • Automatically adjusts the cabinet temperature and lighting to use less energy during slow, closed times.
    • Ensures products are cold and ready for sale when store opens.

    Our EMS Team will continue to study ways to further implement placements of the L Stat EMS System in different locations. This System was brought to our attention by Victoria Cross, Sales Associate at the Emerson Country Stores. The equipment was supplied by Coca-Cola.

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